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Acceleration services

We provide a range of exclusive services and advisory in all key success areas to ensure participants are on the fast-track to achieving their goals leading up to the IDO phase and beyond.

The core aim of our
acceleration program

is to assist in the growth and scaling of high potential startups that are nearing their launch phase by providing them with additional tools, insight, network, advice and resources to strengthen their go-to-market strategy and ensure a strong foundation for future growth. Participating teams will receive comprehensive support from the Scaleswap core team, partners, investors, and service providers.

How can the Scaleswap Acceleration help your startup?

Fundraising advisory and support

  • Pitch review and improvement
  • Access to large network of backers
  • Introductions and strategic support in negotiations

General advisory and support

  • Finetune token metrics / token economics
  • Finetune social media strategy and communications
  • Calibrate cap table
  • Marketing strategy
  • Strategic inputs for IDO planning
  • Tactical IDO strategy session
  • Technical token & secure launch advisory
  • Roadmap review and suggestions
  • Landing page review and suggestions

Additional support and benefits

  • Service provider referrals (discounts where applicable)
  • Introductions to influencers/ key opinion leaders
  • Introductions to potential partners and clients
  • Joint pre-IDO marketing campaign
  • Post-IDO marketing support
  • Nelli, Stan or Ralf to join advisory board with an association on LinkedIn
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We provide innovative teams with the ability to raise funds and awareness through a more sustainable growth path, supported by our long-term ScaleSCORE principles and loyal community

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